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Who we are!

We are not only the largest water slide restoration contractors in the US, we also have developed our own brand of aquatic maintenance products and coatings. Our products are used by our own aquatic specialists on hundreds of slides every year so you know they have been proven to perform. Our PAC line of products are available for direct purchase through our sister site, PremierAquatic.com.

SlidePros has been working in the aquatic industry since 2003 and the owner of SlidePros has been working in the industry for over 15 years. We have grown from a two-man team to multiple crews who work simultaneously throughout the US, Canada, and abroad. We employ our skilled technicians year-round to ensure the same quality of work for our customers year after year. SlidePros does not subcontract work to local laborers or hire local temporary workers. We also do not employ a sales staff or use a sales office. When you speak with any member of the SlidePros team, you can be assured you are speaking with someone with in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as the PAC line of products and all of our restoration/refurbishment processes.

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We are not JUST Water Slides!

SlidePros is not only an expert at refurbishing water slides, but interactive play structures and features, soft-play slides and features, water slide stair towers, and water slide support systems as well. Whether these need just a cleaning or a complete restoration, SlidePros has the experience to perform this work as well.

Slide Rejuvenation Services Prevent future oxidation and color fading.

Apply our clear chlorine resistant coating to bring back the permanent wet look shine to the interior and exterior surfaces of your water slide and interactive play structures. Permanently seals gel-coat to prevent further oxidation and color fading. Contact us today to get a customized maintenance plan specifically designed for your facility to extend the life of your aquatic features.

Certifications & Memberships

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